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Quick Intelligence


QI's are quick intelligence pieces.  QI helps to cut through complexity and separate the signal from the noise. QI's key takeaways and thought pieces will be published occasionally. 

Streaming Ahead – 

Chinas Digital Music Ecosystem: A Snapshot

European Delegate and Keynote @ Reeperbahn Festival International

Beijing / Nashville / Berlin 2020

September 2020

The EU Copyright Directive & Global Content Licensing

Keynote @ WISE - The Future Think Tank

Shanghai / Chengdu 2020

August 2020

Rights & Repertoire Fragmentation: The global music rights clearance challenge

ALAI 2019 Copyright Conference: Managing Copyright: Emerging Business Models in the Individual and Collective Management of Rights

Prague, Czech Republic

September 2019

A Streamlined Music

License For Europe?

Vision vs Reality in the European Digital Single Market.

Can the borderless digital world pave the way to a truly streamlined multi-repertoire and multi-territory licensing model for music services within Europe?

Hamburg, Germany

September 2018